Extreme Spill Technology

Immediate Definitive Recovery of Oil Spills


EST will provide industry and government agencies around the world with the next generation of oil spill response vessels for every stage of oil exploration, production and transport. Our vessels are the first with real capacity to immediately recover up to 95% of spilled oil in real offshore conditions including outer harbours and approaches, coastal waters and the open ocean.


EST patented technologies and innovative vessel designs will enable offshore oil industry and government regulators and agencies to pursue a new standard of environmental stewardship and social responsibility: immediate definitive recovery of oil spills (IDROS). With EST vessels integrated into response plans based on the IDROS standard, risks and costs to both industry and communities will be greatly reduced when compared with conventional oil spill response plans based on current remediation strategies.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to lead EST into its dynamic commercialization phase. EST's prototypes have received extensive testing within Canada and internationally. Our mechanical system is simply unsurpassed in the field of offshore oil spill recovery. We offer governments and industry a cost-effective, mechanical process that will deliver results: multi-functional, versatile ships that will set a new standard of immediate, definitive oil spill recovery in real-world, offshore conditions. With robust international patent protection, we are fully ready to introduce our systems to the expanding global market of oil spill response. And Nova Scotia, with its concentration of private sector and academic expertise in marine industries, is the perfect home to grow EST into a world leader in a marketplace demanding ever higher standards of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

- Ed Bell, Chairman and CEO