Northern Spill Technology

CAD rendering of NST SeaCleaner vessel

Our Delivery

NST can deliver a new standard of immediate recovery of oil spills in conditions up to at least Beaufort 6, covering about 90% of relevant offshore conditions in outer harbours and approaches, coastal waters and the open ocean. Recovery can be immediate because our vessels don't require those rare intervals of calm, offshore weather. Recovery can be definitive because of our innovative hull designs.

Like many of history's most famous innovations, NST's breakthrough consists in taking a simple idea and finding a functional answer to a difficult problem:
in this case, recovering spilled oil in stormy water. Our secret is to let technology harness one of nature's most basic laws, namely that oil and water do not mix. By creating the necessary calm, wave-free conditions inside our system, oil and water are free to do what they do by nature: to separate.

Results and benefits

NST's suite of vessels will outperform all other existing oil recovery vessels in terms of their:

  • oil recovery effectiveness and durability in rough seas and ice: NST vessels avoid all conveyor belts, bow sweeps, booms and brushes that are vulnerable in adverse conditions;
  • decanting efficiency in rough seas: our system separates oil and water prior to oil being taken on-board, avoiding both the problem of on-board storage of oil-contaminated sea water and of its required purification to 15 ppm oil content before discharge.
  • crew safety: the automated system completely isolates crew from toxic exposure to oil and other Hazardous and Noxious Substances. NST vessels can be designed as robotic systems, which are crucial in toxic environments, including condensate and dilbit spills.
  • scalability: NST systems can be mounted on vessels ranging from lengths of 6 m to 70+ m, allowing effective oil spill recovery in locations ranging from small harbours to the Arctic Ocean;
  • multi-purpose functionality: our large (30-100m) oil skimmer ships can also serve as high-speed, oil rig standby vessels and as tanker escort vessels to deliver immediate spill response and recovery. Collection assemblies can be easily and quickly removed, which means our vessels can also be used as fish farm vessels, fishing vessels, fire boats, SAR vessels, research vessels, dive boats or tourist boats when not serving as oil spill vessels. NST oil spill barges offer economy and multi-task capability.

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