Extreme Spill Technology

Immediate Definitive Recovery of Oil Spills

Our People

David Prior, Director and Founder of Extreme Spill Technology

David Prior, President and CEO
Glen Cairns, VP Production

Technical Advisors
Bill Adams, Spill Science
Tony Thomson, Engineering and Design

Support Organisations

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12m CCG skimmer at Ohmsett
September 2012 bird's eye view photo of our 12-meter skimmer during successful tests at the U.S. Navy's Ohmsett facility in New Jersey prior to delivery to the Canadian Coast Guard.

Brief R&D History

2005: Bench-top testing begins for a new oil spill mitigation technology at the Department of Oil & Gas Dalhousie University, with Dr. Farid Taheri.
2006: Altinex ASA (Norway) invests $100K in larger-scale tank tests on a 2.4 m test model successfully recovering bunker C fuel oil;
• proposed 12 m oil skimmer vessel designed by E.Y.E. Marine, and preliminary development of a 14.9 m high-speed skimmer vessel.
• Canadian Coast Guard oversees test (with floating oranges) of 6.25 m EST vessel in Halifax harbour;
2009: Retrofitted 6.25 m vessel test (with floating oranges) with excellent results in 1 m wave conditions and high winds, mouth of Halifax harbour;
2010: In response to the Deepwater Horizon Blowout, EST builds a second 6 m test vessel in Mobile, Alabama and tests it in a 22 m tank using petroleum oil. Successful sea trials on ocean lead BP to admit EST into its High Interest Technology Team program (HITT).
2011: EST patent-pending technology awarded Sustainable Shipping Awards (Ocean Environmental Protection Award category), London, England;
• EST selected under the first round of the PWGSC's Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program.
2012: EST patents granted in China, USA, Canada;
• Third EST 6 m skimmer vessel built in China and successfully demonstrated to Chinese Coast Guard at Qingdao harbour with floating bunker C heavy fuel oil;
• EST 12 m vessel built in Canada and tested at the US Navy's Ohmsett test tank with highly successful results; further successful testing carried out by Canadian Coast Guard;
• Dr. Wei Qiu (Faculty of Engineering, Memorial University) begins numerical modelling studies of EST tower design;
Oct. 2015: RESTCo / EST joint venture submission to BSEE ('Innovative Methods to Remove Surface Oil under Arctic Conditions' program) proceeds to the final technical evaluation round. In December 2015, after spending months evaluating the full technical proposal, BSEE determined the proposed work had merit. The detailed proposal can be viewed here.
Nov. 2015: EST invited by Natural Resources Canada to submit a full proposal to enhance EST technology for the recovery of diluted bitumen.
Feb. 2019: State of California-Chevron invite EST to present at the Oil Spill Response Technology Workshop.
Nov. 2019: EST presents at the Marine Institute at MUN. Details can be seen here.